iSync Plugin for Nokia 6120 Classic

Hi again,

Work has just ported all of us employees over to Telstra, and supplied a NextG SIM card so I picked myself up a Nokia 6120 Classic to assist in some signal strength issues in my home office, and it’s worked brilliantly.

The only thing I didn’t count on is Nokia not having an iSync plugin for the phone (they seem to have one for every other device).

So I’ve put one together with some info from the web (and looking inside the available Nokia plugins) and now have it working successfully over Bluetooth. It has full iCal & Address Book (with photos) support, and a nice pic of the phone for the iSync panel.

To Install:
1. Download (via the link below) & unzip the file.
2. Open Finder, and browse to Macintosh HD/Library/PhonePlugins.
3. Copy the “Nokia-6120.phoneplugin” into this folder.

If the PhonePlugins folder doesn’t exist, create it and then do step 3.

Once done, use the Bluetooth “Bluetooth Setup Assistant” and add your phone, it should be detected and work as expected from then on.

Have fun!


Download Link
Version 1.1

93 thoughts on “iSync Plugin for Nokia 6120 Classic”

  1. hi- looks great but what am I doing wrong???tried to download the link but can’t unzip it as it is a folder of contents with nothing to unzip??I’m a neewbie to MAC am I missing a crucial bit of software?(running on MAC OS X 10.4.11)can anyone help me??cheers šŸ˜„


  2. thank you so much – worked a treat – thanks too for noting that i may need to create new folder called ‘phoneplugin’ – totally needed to and it workd!


  3. This is a good job – thanks. Looks like one issue – groups set in iCal are not carried over to the groups in the phone. I've had to manually create and assign groups in the phone – and of course, manually duplicate group info whenever syncing. Is it possible to enhance your work to do this for us? Thanks!


  4. got all excited, did the install, but no luck – iSync finds and lists the 6120, but then get message that “iSync cannot connect to this device”. The phone will transfer by bluetooth to Outlook in the windows partition on the same iMac, but of course that has the PC suite to work with – very weird.will have a play, but not looking good. May be difference here (australia).interesting that an hour ago Nokia customer care (Australia) told me that no solution was available :-)clint


  5. Hi- this has been great for 3 months- now having issues with an hours time difference between phone and computer events when I sync. Both set to same time ( and zones, including daylight savings). Any ideas as to what is the problem? would love the help- bit annoying trying to keep track.many thanks


  6. Hey, you saved my life. I've been 2 days trying to migrate my contacts from a WM device to a nokia 6120, I've tried every kind of import/export vcard tool (google, outlook, nokia) , to no avail. This plugin has done it seamlessly through iSync.Thank you!Pepe (Madrid)


  7. If you are looking at a folder called contents and another file – you are one folder too far. Go back or drag it from your 'downloads' folder.


  8. IT DIDN'T WORK!!! LOL! Just kiddin'! It didn't work at first, well, even after several tries. But I just thought of rebooting and wallah… it sure worked flawlessly, WOOHOO!!!. So I guess such step can be included in the description in case others experiences the same thing as I did.Many many thanks Shane! šŸ˜€


  9. That's great- but the plugin doesn't transfer categories assigned to contacts. For example, if you assign all your contacts a category in the Mac Addressbook, this information is lost when it is transferred to the phone. Same for the reverse process. AND if you edit a contact on the computer, when you transfer it to the phone, you will lose the contact info you assigned there. Not very satisfying….but better than nothing I guess.


  10. Hi Shane,Everything worked fine, Thx very good blog.As im and blogger too i posted it in Slovak language.Is it OK for you?Bye


  11. This did not work for me until I copied it to:HD/Users/user/Library/PhonePlugins(had to create the last folder)Thereafter iSync worked fine.Thank you very much for this post.


  12. Hmmm….I have just followed what Grant suggested after it did not work, and still no luck. Rebooted, still no luck. Went to Nokia website, still no luck. Any ideas? I am sure something must be amiss at this end after reading all the comments. Hmmm… desperately seeking help.


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