Getting Windows 7 (or Vista) onto a HP Mini 1001

Just got my hands on a HP Mini 1001TU for testing and decided to put Windows 7 Public Beta on it. Not easy to do and here’s how I did it. As there is no CD/DVD drive in the box, I knew someone out there had to have found a way to use a USB stick to do it – and so they have. Here’s the link (and thanks!).

As for Windows 7? Working brilliantly and far better than the Windows XP the Mini ships with. Just need to install the latest Vista 32bit Synaptics touchpad driver from here.

One more thing – Microsoft have removed Mail, Contacts & Calendars from Windows 7, but you can get them again via


3 thoughts on “Getting Windows 7 (or Vista) onto a HP Mini 1001”

  1. Would anyone know where to get the driver to make the microphone to work again after putting windows 7 on at all? Thanks..


  2. Sorry I still haven't found a working microphone driver either. I'll keep looking but at the moment the manufacturer isn't releasing drivers to the public & HP haven't provided Windows 7 drivers (yet).


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