ReadyNAS OS 6 and VMware / NFS

Quick tech note for those lucky to be using NETGEAR’s new ReadyNAS OS 6, and working to connect to an NFS share as a datastore for VMware ESXi.

In RAIDiator 4.x or 5.x (previous ReadyNAS OS), you only needed to add the NFS share name in VMware’s settings. As ReadyNAS OS 6 has a brand new OS and structure, you now need to add the volume name as well. Note: VMware is case-sensitive, so ensure you use your upper/lowercase appropriately.

To find the volume name, go to the System Tab, then Volume sub-tab in the ReadyNAS UI. You can see it below the pie-chart of usage. The default volume name for a system (unless you’ve made changes) is “data”

Now let’s say our NFS share on our ReadyNAS is “Backup”. In RAIDiator 4.x & 5.x you’d enter “/Backup” in the Folder field of ESXi.

For ReadyNAS OS 6.x you need to enter it like this: “/data/Backup” 

Everything else remains the same.

Hope this helps.